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Our Insulation Experts are here to make sure your residential or commercial property receives the best insulation at the best price, so you enjoy the comfort and cost saving benefits of insulation for years to come. We have extensive years of experience and we are fully licensed and insured.


Benefits Of Insulation

Lower energy cost Stops drafts allergens and condensation Better indoor air quality Does not settle or shrink Quieter indoor environment Fills irregular shapes Increased climate comfort Adds structural strength Seals cracks and voids Keeps out unwanted pests

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We love what we do and we love our customers. The success of our company rides on the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers. Because of this, each job, big or small, gets our full attention, but don't take our word for it. Read what our happy home owner a property  managers have to say.

Happy Reviews From Happy Customers:

“From the time my husband and I placed the call to receive an estimate, our experience with Insulation Experts has been awesome. A thorough inspection including a moisture test was done prior to us hiring them for the job . We received two other quotes but did not experience the level of service and professionalism as we did with Insulation Experts. They were and have been fist class in customer service. We were sent product specifications, warranty information, and a copy of the company's certifications prior to the closed cell spray foam install. My husband and I are 100% satisfied and would highly recommended Insulation Experts.”

Kim Herbert

“They are very professional and really took the time to address all our concerns every step of the whole process. They did both our subfloor and attic which took about 4 days total. No issues, no surprises, every question answered , every request considered, ours was a very pleasant and positive experience and after having had other contractors who performed so poorly for us in the past, Insulation Experts was like a breath of fresh air. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys! ”

Stephen Day

“Insulation Experts were really very professional, courteous, and thorough. I am a Landscape Architect, so I design projects and see that they are constructed correctly. Every project has unexpected conditions surface, which have to be analyzed and addressed on the fly. I had just purchased an old house and, while installing spray foam insulation under my raised house, the Insulation Experts crew found mold and excessive dampness in the subfloor. They proposed methods of resolving the issues and took care of business. The job was done efficiently and professionally. I recommend Insulation Experts to everyone who needs home insulation.”

Mary B.

“I would highly recommend Insulation Experts, LLC. I call them out for and estimated spray foam under the house. They explain the different type of spray foam, open cell foam and close cell foam. They check under the house for moisture level, and explain everything throughly. I was very impressed with the company. I got quote from two other companies and they did not check under the house for moisture level and was not professional enough for me to hire them to do the job.”

Ryder Johnson

“Henry and Jim did a fantastic job from start to finish. From explaining the different types of insulation to showing me exactly what work would be done, the guys made sure that I was well informed and confident in my decisions every step of the way. Every time I called Ira he took the time to explain the science behind the different types of insulation to help me understand my options and make an informed decision.”

John Taylor

“My attic went from having zero insulation to being airtight. The work looks great and the crew made sure to seal every space in the attic. Looking forward to my next electric bill!”

Greg Robinson

“Great service, great pricing - they came out to give me an estimate within a day or two of me reaching out to them. Jim was knowledgeable and walked me through the different options for insulating the attic and walls. Their pricing was more than competitive. Once the project is ready for insulation I will definitely be using Insulation Experts.”

Ryan Lee

“Wanted to drop you a note to extend my appreciation, I am very pleased with the job done by your crew. I cannot believe the difference this has made, it is currently 98 degrees outside as I write and my ac unit just cycled off! This has never occurred during the hot summer months, it would just run for 10 hours struggling to keep up. My attic is so much cooler, currently it sits at 88 degrees versus the 135 it was prior to the insulation. This was well worth my investment and I’m so glad you were the ones to do it.”

William Wantz

“I had done my research and called at least two other companies before choosing Insulation Experts to install open cell spray foam. I chose them over all the other competitors because of the excellent customer service. They devoted a considerable amount of time explaining the process and answered all my questions. I feel confident that they will deliver the promised service. Just give them a call and you will know what I am talking about! ”

Jason Green

“We found the Insulation Experts through Angie's list. We compared a number of different insulation companies and felt most comfortable with Insulation Experts after reviewing their ratings and process. The team was professional courteous and punctual. Their guys got under our home (115 year home ) and sprayed about 1400 sq ft. In close to 2hrs. Our floors were noticeable warmer the next night and felt more stable as well. We couldn't be more pleased with the job that was done and how professional the team was.”

Jordan McKinley

“The Insulation Experts' crew go out of their way to do everything professionally and to completion, never cutting corners. They will explain every detail along the way so that you understand what they are doing and why. I have full confidence in Insulation Experts and would not hesitate to use them again.”

Jim Murray

“I contracted with Insulation Experts for open cell spray foam in my attic space. They were prompt and efficient with the review of my home and and the administrative side of it was straightforward. Jim (project manager) and his crew showed up on time and were friendly, and efficient. There was no wasted time and yet they still answered any and all questions. ”

Rick Fields


Types of Insulation

slider-1What Kind Of Insulation Should You Purchase?

It can be very challenging to choose the best kind of insulation for your house. However, it is always the same goal. You want to have an even insulation layer that fills every space completely between the framing. Top to bottom, front to back and every small nook and cranny as well.

Basically there are four different kinds of insulation that can be used in your house:

  • Blankets of Insulation – Rockwool and Fiberglass
  • Blown In Insulation- Fiberglass and Cellulose
  • Spray Foam Insulation- Closed and Open Cell
  • Foam Board Inslation- ISO, XPS and EPS
  • Blankets Of Insulation – Rockwool and Fiberglass – R-3+ per inch

Insulation Blankets

Blankets of Insulation is the most common kind of insulation that is available from major home improvement stores. It is sold in big compressed bundles of various thicknesses and widths since the depth of the framing and space in between the framing always vary.

Types of Insulation – Dimensions. For instance, usually walls are built using 2×4’s that are spaced 16 inches on center from one another. Actually a 2×4 is 3 1/2 inches deep. So 14 1/2 inches of space is left on 16 inch on center framing that needs to be filled with insulation. The best type of insulation for the wall is 15 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches deep.

Types of Insulation – Blanket Insulation. This kind of insulation resembles cotton candy and earns its R-value through trapping air between very small fibers. Heat is slowed down by the tiny air pockets as it attempts to pass through the insulation. When the insulation is compresses it squeezes some air pockets out which decreases its R-value.

Basically rolls and batts are the same except for one small difference. Rolls are one continuous piece of insulation that you cut on your own. Bats are pre-cut so that they fit in between common stud cavities within ceilings, floors and walls. If you are fortunate enough to have walls to insulate with 92 5/8″ cavities, then you can use pre-cut batts. To insulate anything else, you will probably need to purchase rolls and then cut each piece so that it fits properly.

Blown in Loose Fill

Just like its name sounds, blown in insulation is blown into your home via a tube. This kind of insulation gets sold in compressed blocks. These are then broken down by an insulation blower, which is a very powerful machine, into very small pieces. The insulation is forced through a large hose by the blower. As the insulation is flying from the hose, the installer will direct the insulation flow into the right place.

Two kinds of insulation compared – cellulose and fiberglass insulation. The major benefit to blown in insulation being used is how completely and perfectly it fills in spaces that are in between your home’s ceilings, floors and walls.

Those very small pieces of insulation do an excellent job at insulation since they evenly spread through a space and wrap around any obstacles such as ductwork, pipes, wires and outlets. This kind of insulation eliminates voids and gaps missing insulation which can compromise the insulation’s insulation power that is in your home and end up costing you a lot of money in the form of energy bills.

Blowing Insulation Into Your Attic

Adding insulation into an attic is the most popular way to use blown in insulation. In the attic, you can blow the insulation over the top of your existing insulation at any r-value or depth. It is an easy and fast DIY project that can be done in one afternoon by two people.

Blowing Insulation into Your Walls

Insulation can be blown into a house with existing ceilings and walls without the walls getting destroy in the process when it is performed by skill professionals. They cut small holes into the walls and then a small tube is used to blow the insulation into the wall cavity. Holes may be drilled outside or inside of the house depending on the specific situation. It’s an excellent way of getting insulation into some of the approximate 58 million homes in the U.S. that don’t have any insulation in the ceilings or walls.

Types of Insulation – Spray Foam. This type of insulation is a combination of different chemicals that are heated and then sprayed through a machine’s hose. These spray foam chemicals combine at the hose’s tip and create a paint-like thick goo that will stick to whatever it touches including ducts, pipes and wires. Within just a few seconds, this foam start expanding to trap a gas inside of billions of very small bubbles. As this foam starts to expand, it begins to form an even and continuous layer of insulation along with an air tight seal. That’s exactly what you need insulation to do.

Two Kinds Of Spray Foam – Closed Cell vs. Open Cell

You need to be aware of the act that there are two different kinds of spay foam that have different applications and characteristics.

Open-Cell Spray Foam

Open-cell is the least expensive spray foam option. It is called this due to the fact that the bubbles that are inside of the foam don’t ever close completely. When the foam starts to expand, air becomes trapped in between broken bubbles. That results in the space being divided into billions of very small air pockets which slows heat down as it attempts to pass through. Due to the broken bubbles open-cell spray foam is a lot softer kind of foam. The bubbles let the water pass through them. Depending on the specific application this can be bad or good. Open-cell spray foam fills around and in pipes, wires and other types of obstacles very well. However, at R-3.5 per inch, its insulation power isn’t that great.

Closed-Cell Spray Foam

The cells or bubbles in closed-cell spray foam are tightly packed together and closed. That is why closed-cell spray foam is a lot stronger and denser compared to open-cell spray foam. It doesn’t let air pass through it or absorb water. That is due to the fact that the bubbles that are in closed-cell foam are full of gas,which makes them a better insulator and a lot smaller. Closed-cell spray foam has an impressive R-7 per inch of average insulating power, which tops the charts.

DIY Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam kits make it possible for homeowners to install spray foam insulation on their own. Disposable kits include everything that is needed to install spray foam insulation safely and is the latest craze when it comes to insulation. It is excellent for small jobs where it is critical to keep moisture and wind out. It also works very well with the Flash and Batt technique.

Flash and Batt

When the Flash and Batt technique is used, you start by spraying closed-cell spray foam in a thin layer on the wall. An air tight wall cavity is created along with a vapor barrier. Then the rest of the space is filled with fiberglass rolls or batts. What you are attempting to do here is increase the wall’s insulating power and overcome one of the greatest weaknesses of fiberglass insulation, which is convective heat loss, which is cause by air moving through the wall. This can occur when the wind is blowing and cold air is pushed into your house. The air is stopped by the closed-cell foam and allows the fiberglass insulation to work correctly.

Foam Board Insulation

This is yet another kind of insulation. Rigid or foam board insulation is probably the insulation product available in the market that is the least understood. It comes in sheets the way drywall or plywood does, in 1/2″ to 2″ thicknesses.

Like spray foam, it gains its insulating power from the tiny bubbles that are set in a medium such as polyurethane or polystyrene. At local building supply stores you will find three main types: Poly-isocyanurate (ISO), Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). They each have their own unique applications.

Typically foam board is installed on the exterior of your house during a major renovation project or under a concrete floor before pouring it. It is the most popular DIY application to insulate basement floors and walls. These foam boards are glued and then screwed into the floor and foundation directly. Finally spray foam and a special tape are used to seal it off.

Foam board is ideal for basement which they are constantly under attack from moisture. Typically XPS and EPS foam boards are used since they are semi-permeable, meaning moisture is allowed to pass through and let the floor or wall dry rather than rot.


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Insulation Experts have years of experience and understand the ins and outs of "Spray-in-place' foam, roofing, insulation, and Polyurethane. Spray foam is regarded as the way of the future for all insulation and roofing requirements.

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Why value spray foam over other options? This is a thermal resistant materal, which is going to stand head and shoulders above cellulose or fiberglass. It is far more protective and long lasting. Insulation is of utmost importance and anything short of the best is taking a risk. This is why spray forma is appreciated for its quality. Cracks can start to develop in the foundation and this is where spray foam comes in handy. It is able to insulate the cracks and protect the property as a whole. Regular options are not going to bring this kind of value. It is able to produce value because of its R-value remaining high. cellulose and/or fiberglass can't say the same due to air leakages.

Spray Foam Roofing Los Angeles

Why should one be going down this route? It comes down to energy savings. If you want to save energy and money, you will consider spray foam. Spray foam is regarded as saving people a lot of money in the short and long term due to how it impacts heating and/or cooling units. In fact, getting spray foam insulation in place is going to bring back money in the long run through savings. It does not take long to put it in and the results are going to be fantastic at the same time as well. This is one of those eco-friendly solutions that are going to provide a truly well rounded solution.

Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Los Angeles CA

Elastomeric topcoating is an established part of spray foam roofing. What does this coating do? It is going to help saving energy and is well regarded by ENERGY STAR. Energy is better absorbed and therefore you are able to save as much as you are hoping to in costs.

Many other pros also come out of using this type of insulation. If you want to learn more about what spray foam has to offer, visit insulationexperts.net and get a feel for what makes this the best option to go with. All of the details can be found in provided brochures on the site. You can even take a glance at pictures of how this is going to look in the short and long term after it is completed. Contact us and book an appointment as soon as possible.

Spray Foam Contractor Los Angeles

Spray foam has been around for a long time. In fact, it has been around for around a half century. It was first used in appliances. The reason for this came down to reducing the size of these appliances.

Roofing systems need to have this put in place. The monolithic nature of the piece (seamless) makes it easier to use. The quality of this material stands out when you first get to see it. The material is light on the hands and is not going to put a burden on the roofing material as a whole. This is what makes it an eco-friendly option in the eyes of experts. How long can it last? There are examples of this lasting for over 50 years. Regular options are barely going to last a decade. Plus, the costs are going to increase as well. Spray foam is not going to have rising costs everytime you have to go and change it.

The biggest pro of this type of insulation comes in the form of doing its true job. It is going to insulate well. You are going to see immense savings with your units and the energy savings will come too. Maintenance is going to become easier as a whole too.

All About Spray Foam Insulation - Why You Need It

Spray Foam Insulation near Los Angeles California

Have you ever heard of spray foam insulation? It is a substance that can be used in blue of regular insulation for your home or office. It is different in that it does not have to be rolled out like regular fiberglass insulation. It can actually be used on completed buildings by drilling a hole and spring it into the walls. Many people choose to do this if they have realized that their heating and cooling bills have gone up significantly. They may want to improve upon maintaining a constant temperature in their household, and to do so they can use this type of insulation. There are several companies that specialize in this particular industry, some of which will be in your area. Let's discuss what this insulation actually is, how it is used, and then show you how to find the most reputable companies that can provide this type of insulation for you to help you improve and reduce your utility bills.

Benefits Of This Type Of Insulation

The main benefit of using this particular type of insulation is that it is so easy to use. It can help with many things, not just lowering your energy bill, but helping reduce the possibility of developing mold and mildew. It is also a great way to reduce the amount of sound that you hear outside of your home as it will act as an insulator for sound. These are great benefits, let's look at some of the drawbacks before you decide to use this insulation.

Drawbacks Of Foam Insulation

The primary drawback to this particular type of insulation is that it has been linked to health problems. Isocyanates can be harmful to your skin, irritating to your eyes, sometimes causing rashes to breakout on your neck, chest and arms. Other problems that you may run into include hypersensitivity pneumonitis, something that those that use this foam on a regular basis often encounter. It can cause damage to roofs also, and therefore when you are deciding on whether or not to use this particular material, consider all of these possible drawbacks.

Get An Estimate Today

You can get an estimate today on this particular substance by contacting one of the many companies in your area that will provide this service for you. Be sure to get multiple bid so that you can pick one that is the most cost effective of all, helping you to save money. Hopefully you will be able to get this done and start enjoying lower energy bills. It is a great way to move into the 21st century using this modern way of insulating your home or office, a choice that might be right for you.

Understanding Spray Foam Insulation

This is a material that is made of two components which are isocyanate and polyol resin. They work together in order to create a type of foam that can be sprayed into a wall which will gradually expand. This is the perfect type of material to use in wall cavities, and many people will also use it in conjunction with concrete slabs and roof tiles. All that has to be done is the professional company will drill a hole into your walls, insert the tube from which the foam will come out, and a machine will spray it in. It takes a special machine, and also experts that know what they are doing, to successfully complete these jobs. Once done, you won't have to worry about tearing your walls down in order to put insulation into them as it will be accomplished in a matter of hours.

Get Spray Foam Roofing And Insulation From Oceans 7 Roofing In the event you are thinking about including insulation in your property, and you are looking at all of your current selections, you would possibly want to take into consideration getting exactly what is termed spray foam insulation. This can be placed into your walls, in addition to with your roof, working with this polyurethane aoam that's one of the best varieties of insulation available. It can be an alternative to utilizing conventional insulation these kinds of as fiberglass content, the kind that you choose to roll out after you are building your house or constructing a completely new addition. The other advantage of using spray foam insulation is that you may essentially inject it into the walls without having basically having to remove the sheet rock, resulting in nominal hurt for your household. You will find there's company via the name of Oceans 7 Roofing that can offer you spray foam roofing and insulation providers in your area. Just what Is Spray Foam Insulation? This polyurethane foam is in fact the combination of two separate products which might be isocyanate and polyol resin. When they are mixed alongside one another, they could in fact develop being a a part of the chemical method, taking up the shape of the space where the foam is inserted. That is what will make it doable for businesses to come out to homes or structures that might favor not tearing down interior or exterior partitions in an effort to place in new insulation. Simply by drilling a hole, these two chemical substances are injected in and the foaming influence will occur. Don't just is that this likely to offer high levels of thermal insulation, but it surely could also proficiently avoid air from transitioning through the partitions and ceiling, helping to decreased vitality costs. Why Would You select Spray Foam? There are actually a few distinct good reasons why you'll make a decision to go this route. The primary a person has already been outlined. It is actually a sort of insulation that may be simply injected into your partitions or ceiling. Second, it has been proven to become way more effective at insulating a home, from time to time reducing electrical power costs by just as much as 50%, and can also make improvements to what's identified as seem attenuation which only usually means that outdoors noises will likely be muffled much more successfully. Lastly, it can also incorporate to your structural integrity within your residence or office environment. It offers what exactly is known as structural rigidity. This is perfect for locations which can be much more at risk of getting earthquakes, or maybe superior winds, creating your private home a great deal more strong when these organic events come about. Why You should Work With Oceans Seven Roofing The main reason you need to think about doing the job with this business is they've years of encounter in this particular business. They may be accredited energy pros that understand each and every element of the development approach. By utilizing this SPF large density foam, you're going to take advantage of each of the advantages which have previously been talked about, additionally you might most likely save money if you enable them to use this solution. In addition, don't just does this business have broad practical experience with insulating residences, they can be one among essentially the most cost-effective professionals on this market. You may speak to them for any quote to see just how much it will expense to insulate your property employing this spray polyurethane foam, a little something that could also raise the worth within your dwelling if you are going to sell it. Despite the fact that you need to do produce other options in regards to insulating your own home, SPF is often a top rated alternative with many people nowadays. It is common for those that bought fixer-upper's, or individuals that could merely like to insulate the home that they are living in appropriate now without the need to influence the structural integrity in their partitions or ceiling. Give Oceans Seven Roofing a simply call currently and they'll ship out a pleasant representative which will examine what needs to be completed. You can be despatched a prompt estimate over the price of making use of this polyurethane foam, a choice that should present you with an airtight seal that could help you dwell far more comfortably and likewise save money on your own utility expenditures.